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Technology has brought numerous benefits to healthcare, including improved accuracy in diagnosis and treatment, improved efficiency, improved patient safety and improved communication. However, with that has come many challenges. IDL knows how important your patients are to you and their information security is to them and would welcome the opportunity to work alongside you to provide the best in person and Telehealth experience to your customers!


Outdated Technology

Patients want to feel they are in good hands when they choose a healthcare provider, that includes their doctor but the facility as well. An outdated IT Infrastructure will lose you customers, put yourself at risk for data breaches and attacks as well as put you further behind as more mandates and regulations are passed down for healthcare to follow. Would you like a FREE assessment?


Cybersecurity Risks

Healthcare was the number one payout for security breaches in 2022 as hackers and cybercriminals target healthcare systems because of the significant value of personal healthcare data and the vulnerability of healthcare providers’ digital systems. To get into these records, criminals no longer have to break into a physical building, through targeted attacks they finds ways through weaknesses in your infrastructure or your own employees understanding awareness of these threats. Is your environment secure and do you provide your employees with sufficient cybersecurity awareness training?

Analysing data

Big Data

Healthcare exists everywhere including the watches that we were on our wrists to the medical devices that are placed in our bodies. This data is starting to be passed back to the healthcare organizations for realtime monitoring. Add in that all our records are available online and the amount of data gets larger every day. Do you have a plan on how you are going to grow with the increase that is expected in the next five years? 

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