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Wireless LAN i-datalink

Robust & Secure WLAN Overlays

Technology users demand connectivity and mobility. With the proliferation of WiFi enabled devices, mobility is no longer just about the ability to make a phone call.  People use multiple wireless devices and expect connectivity anywhere, any time. Network administrators must assure users the services needed while maintaining the security, integrity and performance of the network.

IDL  are leaders in the design and deployment WiFi in demanding, high user density environments delivering robust WLAN platforms that secure your network and meet user demands.  WLAN is now the network edge of choice.

  • Site Survey & RF Analysis  
  • System Design & Specification  
  • Software  – Analysis, Management and Security Tools   
  • Network Controllers & Access Points     
  • Cabling & Wiring

IDL  provides world class WLAN products that are scalable, easy to deploy and manage. They provide reliable connectivity, high capacity and maximum throughput for seamless roaming, toll quality voice and streaming video. The age of all wireless network connectivity is here. IDL will make it work for you.



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