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Enterprise Network

We empower businesses to achieve seamless connectivity, enhanced performance, and reliable network operations

connecting your world

Our Network Infrastructure and Design product is designed to streamline the deployment and management of your network, ensuring a solid foundation for your digital operations. We offer a range of products that enable you to build a resilient network infrastructure.



We offers a comprehensive suite of products, technologies, and services to build, optimize, and manage your network environment effectively.

IDL’s team of WAN/LAN networking specialists can help you leverage your network to increase productivity, flexibility, security and reduce ownership and operational costs. We focus on highly resilient and scalable networks to support organizational goals such as voice, data and video convergence, remote access and mobile user agility. End-to-end wired and wireless security is designed from the core to the edge.

IDL & Extreme provide world class WAN/LAN products that are scalable, easy to deploy and manage. Our certified engineering staff and project team will work with you to evaluate your current state, define future requirements and specify the products and services to achieve your desired outcome. 

IDL Enterprise Network

We specialize in providing robust and scalable network infrastructure solutions tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs

Network Planning & Design

Our experienced network engineers will assess your requirements, design a customized network architecture, and create a comprehensive implementation plan.

Wireless Connectivity

Access points, controllers, and management tools that enable seamless wireless connectivity, supporting mobility and productivity across your organization.

Network Security

We prioritize network security by integrating robust security measures into your network infrastructure.

Monitoring & Management

Monitor network performance, detect issues in real-time, and proactively manage network resources to ensure optimal performance and minimize downtime.


Our Enterprise Network partners are some of the top providers in the industry

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Transform Your Network Infrastructure

Our expert team is ready to assist you in building a robust and scalable network infrastructure that meets your unique requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions or to schedule a consultation.

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