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Cyber Security 1-datalink

IP Video Surveillance and Access Control Systems

Physical security control and management demands an in-depth understanding of how protecting organizational functions falls within the IT network. The convergence of network infrastructure and physical security systems integrate legacy (analog) and IP Video technology to provide a cost effective, unified platform for a state of the art physical security system.

IDL, working with leading industry partners, provides a customized suite of design services, software, hardware, deployment and management tools to help assure the safety and security of your environment while eliminating costly, out dated and ineffective analog systems.

  • Site Survey & Analysis  
  • System Design & Specification  
  • Software  – Analysis & Management Tools   
  • Cabling & Wiring
  • Analog Camera Encoders      
  • IP Cameras   
  • Access Control Hardware

IDL’s core competency in IT infrastructure systems integration delivers a robust platform to secure your premises while protecting your employees, customers, visitors, patients, students, faculty and assets. These systems enable greater incident prevention, event analysis, quicker decision making and rapid response resource deployment across the organization.

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